Year One - Wood duck project underway

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Thanks to a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund and the efforts of eight dedicated box builders, BAN's 3-year wood duck habitat restoration program is well underway. Time was short between the announcement of the grant and wood duck nesting season (and BAN box builder Connier Conover had not yet returned from his winter in Texas), but the group coordinated their talents and in less than one day cut out and assembled the necessary 50 wood duck boxes for distribution at the workshop/meeting of participants held on March 13th. Pictured from the left are: Ron Eaton, Steve Eno, Sanford Downs, Denny Cradick, Roscoe Malick, and George Titsworth. Box builders not pictured: Bill Seibert & Leland Osten.

Originally printed in Bluebirds Across Nebraska Newsletter BANner Volume 11 Number 1 Spring 2004