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2019 BAN Reporting form

Access to BAN’s 2019 Bluebird Statistics Reporting Form


BAN 2018 by NE County, then States *NEW*

BAN 2018 Parks and Recreational Areas *NEW*

BAN 1993-2018 Stats Chart *NEW*

BAN Stats Chart Bluebirds Fledged 2015-2018 *NEW*

BAN 2017 by NE County, then States Reporting

BAN 2017 Parks and Recreational Areas

BAN Information pamphlets & PAGES

Bluebirds from Egg to Fledgling (Chick Growth Chart)

Bluebirds Across Nebraska Information Booklet

Trail Monitoring Chart (for weekly trail monitoring of boxes, eggs, hatched and fledged) *NEW*

Trail Monitoring Guide

Bluebirding Basics

Getting Started

Bluebird Nesting—Possible Occupants

Monitoring A Bluebird Trail—Spring and Summer

Pairing Boxes

Preparing A Trail In The Fall Or Winter


Frequently Asked Questions

Predator Control

House Sparrow Info

House Sparrow Control

Experimental House Wren Guards Experience

The Wren House Debate Revisited

Nest Box Trap Warning

Predator and Problems On The Trail

Box Plans

Building Your Bluebird Box

Recommended Nest Box Specifications

Roofs-More Than You Wanted To Know

BAN Eastern Bluebird Nest Box

NABS Children’s Eastern Bluebird Nest Box

Gilbertson Bluebird Nest Box

Gilbertson Conduit/Rebar Mounting System

Gilwood Bluebird Nest Box

Peterson Bluebird Nest Box

Screech Owl Nest Box

Troyer Bluebird Nest Box


Plants That Attract Bluebirds

Banquet Mix For Bluebirds

Mealworm Facts

Nebraska Bluebirding

Chief Standing Bear Trailhead History

Nebraska’s Albino Bluebirds

The Joy Of A Season

Wood Ducks

Wood Duck Basics

Wood Duck Habitat And Box Placement

Wood Ducks–Highlight Of The Nesting Season

Wood Duck Report Form

Take-A-Kid Along Project

Take-A-Kid Along Project

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Helpful Links